Custom Designed Amplifiers

Guytron's flagship model, is now the GT100 F/V and has been shipping since 2003. But for those of you who may not this know already, it is actually a (multi-voiced) version of the original GT100 amp from 1995. There are some other refinements as well such as the "All Stainless" chassis, etc.

Our Design

The FV stands for "Focus" & "Voicing" which was added in response to mod requests over the last 8 years. In addition to several production updates, like a solid "Stainless Steel" chassis, switchable effects loop level, etc. The GT100 F/V now allows the player to mod his amp "On the fly". Best described as "character switches", these two (4 position) rotary switches, change the tonal character and feel of the amp, while keeping the original charm, and simplicity of the ground-breaking GT100 design in tact.


Since the GT100 F/V gets the same sound as the original GT100 with the FV switches both in the 12 O'Clock positions, and otherwise, only adds to the versatility of the design, we therefore have elected to discontinue straight GT100 production, but the original descriptions in our amps section still apply as the pre-amp itself has not changed.

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Featured Video

Check out this video on Youtube by John Radebaugh.  It sounds great! John recorded most of his new album with a Guytron GT100 F/V.