Here are some of the artists that have used our products as well as links to recordings that our amps were used on and where available, a link to their website.

Chris Delis

Artist: Chris Delis;
Album: on the brink;
Notes: Chris used his GT100 F/V almost exclusively on this album. Chris also does quite a few of our MP3 sound samples on the Guytron site.

Jon Herington

Artist: Jon Herington 
Album: shine (shine shine)
Notes: Jon is a huge fan of Guytron using his GT100 amps on all of the Steely Dan tours since 1999.  Jon also has a solo career that is going great.


Artist: Jon Herington
Album: Time On My Hands
Notes: This is Jon's latest album and again it highlights the GT100 F/V on most of the cuts.

Madeleine Peyroux

Artist: Madeleine Peyoux
Album: Bare Bones
Notes: Dean Parks played his Guytron GT100 F/V on this album.  As a matter of fact, this was the first GT100 F/V that I personally built after buying Guytron.