GT100 FV Heads are being produced to order currently: The GT100 FV has been at the top of the field of high end electric guitar amplifiers since its introduction in 2003 and the original GT100 introduced in 1995 continues to impress today.  The GT100 F/V's "A-channel" clean tones are legendary for their sparkle and chime. The lead channel has prompted pro players such as Jon Herington to put away their pedals.

Bigtone speakers are IN STOCK! The Guytron Bigtone speakers have been preferred by discerning players since their introduction and continue to be sought after by all who hear them. If you need a Bigtone 35 or Bigtone 55 for your Guytron cabinet or for any other standard 12" guitar cabinet, we have them now. Email us for details.

The All-New HLB Jack: A Top Quality Sennheiser Mic element mounted in the perfect close-Mic position for the provided element and speaker marriage. The sounds are studio ready, and sound the same every night. Also, the thick grille cloth blocks out most of the feedback and "bleed through" from stage noise. This is the tone you have spent years perfecting - now yours effortlessly. How many people have had the old "Hang a "57" from the handle" sound to contend with? Moving a Mic even 1/2" can make a huge difference in your tone - much less using a Bi-Polar Mic sideways. The Guytron HLB feature totally covers you.